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Lynn Raney

A native Atlantan, Lynn Raney has always passionately expressed herself through her art. Her studies began at a young age with acrylics and oils, and then progressed with her discovery of photography as a teenager. Determined to pursue her passion, she graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta with a concentration in Commercial Art and Graphic Design. Experimenting with different mediums, wax, and oil, she integrated her love of photography into her paintings.

As her practice matures she is continually developing her signature style of landscape abstracts on wood, using many different mediums, including clay, charcoal, gold foil, photographs, paper, dirt, resins, plexiglass, an array of endless creative applications. Professionally exhibiting and selling her art around the country over the last decade, Lynn sells her art through BRADLEY.

“Art is not only a reflection of the soul, but the ultimate means of creative preservation and interpersonal relation.” -Lynn Raney